What key components lead to a good graphic design?

by Sarah Stone

This has to subjective. . right?

To a point, yes. But there are several key points that should be emphasized when creating a design for example of a postcard.
I have my own list of importance as well as some other points that are key to attracting an audience.

1) Before you can even start in the creativity department, you need to “Define the purpose.” What is the ultimate goal of this piece of advertising? What are you trying to tell your audience? Remember not to be overly confusing with multiple messages. Simplicity is always a good starting point.


2) Readability and Alignment are important to consider for a client will only read what they can easily set their eyes on. You want to provide information using both verbal and visual language to inspire someone to take action, but they’ll never know that if they can’t understand what the message is you are trying to convey. personally, text slightly out of alignment drives me crazy.


3) You want eye-catching material that makes the recipient want to look it over and spend some time absorbing the information then it has to be “Appealing” in ways such as a clear and precise headline, supporting relevant graphics, the offer needs to front and forward and a certain call to action.

Panama.PostcardPanama.Postcard B

4) Design– You need an understanding of graphics and layout, not just how to make good a good logo or edit an image. One key aspect of a great layout is more about what’s in between your various page elements. Whitespace or negative space. Don’t over saturate the space you have with too much content, there is a fine balance between your work as a designer, the space a client wishes to purchase and advising them on what is best. They no doubt want o buy the smallest postcard to keep down cost but then fill with information. It can be tough but building a trusting relationship is very important where your client listens to your advise and takes it.

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