Social Media Marketing Packages

by Sarah Stone

Illumination Advertising Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media is necessary to build your brand and your credibility. It is a great way to interact and build relationships with clients and prospective clients. Like any business tool, you need to know what you want to accomplish, how much time it will take, how you will build your network and what to expect from your efforts.

Promotion of your business through social media includes; set up of profiles as needed, management and monitoring of accounts and keywords, engagement posting and interaction, creation of editorial calendars and monthly activity reports (if desired). We will review your current use and marketing plan, create a strategy plan and execute.

Social media isn’t ALWAYS supposed to sell, it can be an influence while increasing your brand and product visibility. Social media marketing increases website traffic and builds conversations. You can participate in your own social media marketing on many levels, and communicate with those who are interested in your product or service.  It is a vital tool to use, but it must be maintained, updated and used to it’s fullest capabilities. This means knowing how best to put yourself in the spotlight, how to tag images and stories you are posting, where to add links and how to not over penetrate and loose out all together.

 Social Media Marketing Packages

One of the most current and effective marketing tools is optimizing your content over multiple online systems, coordinating organic search and social marketing activities with public relations, and measuring web presence and performance with customized analytical software. The first step to improving digital marketing results is to understand the emerging trends and techniques used to interact with your clients. Illumination Advertising provides experience, results and knowledge to help your business evolve, build your audience, engage both current and potential clients as well as understand future trends and grow as technology advances. From Social Media Packages, we will create content from scratch, are able to build accounts and maintain your social presence through FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle Plus, Pinterest, InstagramYouTubeYelpMerchant CircleYahoo and more. We are a member of Google’s “Engage for Agencies” trained to specialize in Google Adwords, so we can help you become a master in the art of online marketing or let us take your problem and create a working solution.

Social Media Package – Basics 

$225 per month (3 month minimum) 

Basics – This is a introductory media marketing package and is designed for a business, organization, product promotion or an individual, a first step in your social media online marketing. The objective at this level is a social media marketing package is get your business up and running with a basic presence in the social media world and to brand that presence with your identity. 

We will create you a landing page that matches your brand identity and message. Providing you with a foundation on which to build.
Online promotion and basic monthly maintenance of up to the three (3) social sites of your choice – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter suggested. Providing online presence along with some graphic design and instruction on how you can update and maintain your page and communicate with your audience. The first month we will make sure you know how and what to do, we will make it as easy as possible to be able to post new stories, add images or product photography.  It’s a matter of setting you up in the right direction.


Social Media Package – Intermediate

$299 per month (3 month minimum) 

Intermediate – Designed for a business, organization, product promotion or an individual who is looking to make on online impact in the social media world. The Intermediate Package offers all the services in the Basic Package but with additional features, assistance and interaction. Our Intermediate Package offers full-service solutions where we assist you with content creation + distribution, audience building + public image relations.  Includes friending and following people, checking and responding to incoming messages and forwarding if necessary. 18 postings/updates on your chosen of social sites.


Social Media Package – Maximum

$495  per month (3 month minimum) )

Maximum – Our comprehensive Social Media Maximum Package is designed for a business, organization, product promotion or an individual looking to firmly establish a large social media presence.  Through this premium package, services provided are Intermediate + our Social Media team will work with your company to manage all aspects of your online social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  Social media services inclusive in the Maximum Package include strategic consulting, content creation and distribution, campaign creation, audience building, engagement, 10 posts with related content to targeted (industry specific) fan page walls or groups. 20 postings/updates on your chosen of social sites. 30 posts/updates total

Social Media Package – Custom

This is the most popular option, it allows us to make a social media package that really fits your needs, pick and choose the best services that are applicable to your business or brand and lets run with it.

You  know a little, or even a lot of what it is you want, we can create a custom package that meets your current and expanding needs but allows you to change and evolve as your business and approach changes.  Depending on your location we can make sure you have head shorts of employees, build a company bio, format interactive posts that gain dialogue with clients as well as build an audience that will engage new potential clients regarding the products or items they are interested in.  We also offer a consultation service to discuss direction, make suggestions on your current strategy as well as assist in building a new one for the months or year ahead.


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