Roohi Photography

by Sarah Stone






Meet Rana Mohammadian.

In my line of work I come across many other like minded people, dedicated hard working entrepreneurs. When you see that somebody shares your vision to succeed and backs that desire with a product worth sharing then I am always happy to shine some light on the fabulous work they do. I first met Rana in 2011, she is a professional photographer that specializes in weddings and also senior pictures, she really loves what she does and I mean LOVES.

You can’t meet her and not smile, her personality is contagious and her work has both character and class, not loosing sight of the individual she is shooting, she has the ability to capture something very special, any potential concerns a client has are gone once you see her capabilities and meet with her in person.  She can put a brides mind at ease, encourage you to be you and the result will be memories to share and last forever. . . Summertime is wedding time so take a look at her work, share with a friend and keep her on speed dial. It is a once in a lifetime event, make it count. 

“{Roohi Photography}: boutique photography business with a dash of vintage, a mix of modern day ‘must haves’ and a commitment to the client experience. Roohi Photography… be you.”




Ph. 727.252.8949

E: rana@roohiphotography.com