Public Relations

by Sarah Stone


Public Relations - Illumination Advertising

Each and every brand or business requires a​ strategic ​plan. Through research and communication of our clients needs, we learn to understand their process, recognize areas of potential and correct failed ideas.

We learn how to interact with clients and their competitors. Once we have the knowledge required we can develop a strong and realistic plan that not only services your current status but builds and expands into tomorrow and beyond.

Public relations programs are strategically designed ​here at ​Illumination Advertising​,​ to meet the​ ​very​ ​specific objectives of each individual client and ​very ​often include a variety of effective tactical communication tools aimed at specific target markets.

​PR is one of the most ​critical tools a company can utilize to communicate with its key audiences – customers, future potential customers, investors, employees and beyond. Illumination Advertising provides a full range of communications services, from strategy and message development to implementation.

An effective media & public relations ​plan can not only help achieve your business objectives, it can help build and enhance your reputation for the long-term.
One of the key factors in effective communication is maintaining an awareness of other ​social ​messages competing for the attention of ​your clients. This ‘intelligence’ is also critical in identifying emerging issues and developing a communication strategy to manage the risks before they effect the reputation of an organization.


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