New Services

by Sarah Stone

SEO Packages, Marketing





In order to expand and grow with demand, we are also always looking for areas to improve and services to offer that our clients require and we can professionally provide. Just incase you missed it. . . here are some of those services we are able to offer you.

Copywriting + Technical Writing

​At Illumination Advertising, you​ can always expect, interesting, factual, clever, poignant copywriting, We provide In-depth research, press releases, media alerts, executive bios, copywriting in business to business, online, and direct mail for all markets. We offer planning, design, and execution of exceptional copy written content. Illumination Advertising understands client brands, indications, implications, and the competition, as well as techniques to research trends in the appropriate areas.

SEO Online Marketing and Social Media

One of the most current and effective marketing tools is optimizing your content over multiple online systems, coordinating organic search and social marketing activities with public relations, and measuring web presence and performance with customized analytical software. The first step to improving digital marketing results is to understand the emerging trends and techniques used to interact with your clients. Illumination Advertising provides experience, results and knowledge to help your business evolve, build your audience, engage both current and potential clients as well as understand future trends and grow as technology advances. With our Social Media Packages, we will create content from scratch, are able to build accounts and maintain your social presence through FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle Plus, YouTubeYelpMerchant CircleYahoo and more. We are a member of Google’s “Engage for Agencies” trained to specialize in Google Adwords, so we can help you become a master in the art of online marketing or let us take your  problem and create a solution.