Logo Design

by Sarah Stone

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. A great logo should entice new clients and spark an interest in those who seek you out. Your logo becomes you, it supports your identity and becomes a familiar face in a crowd.  Starting with your identity and branding to marketing and advertising, a single project or a long term affiliation. We delight in the spark of visual communication + concept as well as the brainstorming process.

Using both verbal and visual language to convey meaningful information to the end user or consumer, we work closely to render both advisory and artistic creative services.

Creating a logo design is always both enjoyable and an accomplishment when completed. It encompasses so much of who and what a business is, it means so much often without having to state so. At a tangible level, your business name, tagline, color scheme and the content you publish, embody your brand and present it visually and conceptually. In other words. .  . . It’s really important stuff!

Once we have created the perfect logo and branding material, you can also apply for a trademark at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Talk to us, we know communication is key. Our team will work together with you to find the right approach and direction for the right results.

A logo should always hold its own in black and white, and sometimes that’s all you need. Here are a few of our favorites we have worked on: Logo Design, Logo Design Clearwater

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Here is more of what we do creatively, beyond logo design and identity: | Portfolio

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