Intuit Small Business- Big Game

by Sarah Stone

We are entered in to a competition through Intuit – Small Business Big Game for the opportunity to win a BIG prize – A TV spot in the LARGEST FOOTBALL GAME of the year!  We made it into round 2 so we need to keep going :) The exposure and coverage could really make this or any business come alive. There are some other great companies out there to vote for so click the black “VOTE” button below at the bottom of the page, Vote for us. . . . and take a look at the other inspiring stories of other people who went out and are making it happen. #TeamSmallBiz

When asked. . What’s your best advice?”

When the time is right – Do it! 

I knew what I wanted to do: my own business, I knew the direction, I had the experience, potential clients, I had everything, except . . . except I just wasn’t there 100%.

One day, that switch flipped, I knew it was now or never and I did it. I wasn’t ready 6 months before or even 2 weeks previously.

Working toward a goal is a consistent job, don’t stress yourself over it, be prepared, absorb all you can, take baby steps toward it,then, when you feel it, when you know you are the cross roads.

Dont be afraid to turn left, when everybody else turns right.

When asked. . “Why do they love your business?”

It’s the personality right?

I put myself into my business. Experience & knowledge are great, they are a must, but being personable, genuinely caring about the outcome, and enjoying the conversation with your clients, that makes it all fit together.Technology often lacks a personal touch. We make a point to be there providing advisory artistic creative services. Come join us, share a cup of tea. 

“Consistently reliable, always on time, a fantastic communicator with a wonderful can do attitude. Very refreshing. We are so glad we found you.” –  Michael Myers, Owner, Myers Fine Art & Antiques

Thank you in Advance. . :)

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