Welcome to Illumination Advertising

by illa_admin

Illumination Advertising, Inc. began late in 2011 yet the inspiration had been there for much, much longer. Having been in the print, design and marketing business for over 15+ years I have obtained a vast knowledge and gained a firsthand perspective on the advertising industry. It is both personally and professionally rewarding to see a positive change cultivate and develop for another, be it a small home business or on a larger corporate scale, the results always speak for themselves.

The relationships I have built over the years with vendors, clients and employees alike are all tools that help the Illumination Advertising grow and develop and it is this respect I have for all affiliations that will contribute to how we grow, step by step, client by client, relationship by relationship.

I look forward to sharing with you selected work samples by way of our portfolio & writings based on our experiences and insight via our blog. This is where you will find a little of our observations and perspective as to what is happening and trending in the advertising + design industry.

Let’s chat soon!